All my paintings, sculptures and videos come from existential, philosophical and poetic meetings, and from providential accidents and intuitive inspirations. I create through playing with all those elements that give me the desire to go always further, to the unknown and the torments of figurative appearance. My work is made of periods. In each period, a form appears and experiences transformations, symbolic as well as different materials. This is somewhat related to my rythm of life and creativity.


2001 CFPI art therapy formation hôpital Beauregard-Beaux-arts Bourges.

2000 L’INECAT art therapy formation.

1992 Master in art at Université De Paris 8: specialization «Arts philosophie et psychanalyse».

1991 CREPS A VIDEO infographics internship.

1989 Diplôme national des Beaux-Arts at ECOLE NATIONALE DES BEAUX ARTS - Bordeaux.


2003-2006 CENTRE GRAINES DE MOUTARDE Art therapist in an art workshop

2002 HOPITAL PSYCHATRIQUE BEAUREGARD Organisation of an art therapy workshop

1992-1995 ACADEMIE DE BORDEAUX Art teacher.

1990 CAPC de Bordeaux Documentary continuity person during project « L’Art Bus ».

1988 CAF de Gironde Continuity person for the movie « Métamorphose d’un polygone ».

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